MS Polymer
MS Polymer
MS Polymer

MS Polymer identifies a family of polyethers with silane termination, isocianate free, fit for the production of sealants and adhesives, moisture curing with neutral reaction.
The wide variety of formulations achievable with these polymers are usually sharing excellent mechanical and application characteristics; they offer excellent adhesion levels on a broad spectrum of material, often without the need of primers.
The characteristics that identify formulations based on MS Polymer designed and produced by Fratelli Zucchini can be summarized as follows.
- Free of solvents, isocianates, silicon and PVC, which offers security and quality of working environment, saving on special equipment for forced ventilation / exhaustion, respect of the most stringent regulations referring to isocianates vapours, virtually complete elimination of material shrinkage during curing, absence of nasty odours, long shelf -life of product, and perfect compatibility with painting systems.
- Wide adhesion spectrum , often without the need of primer. This allows the reduction of application time, of costs of the application, and contact with high volatile chemical elements often toxic.
Minimized the stocks and number of different products, increasing application ease and reproducibility of the final result.
- Excellent resistance to temperature extremes ( from -40°C to 120°C continuosly) which allows to use the finished products in a variety of applications not allowed by other elastomers, guaranteeing an outstanding performance stability.
- Excellent UV and weathering resistance which offers ulterior product stability for both internal and external use.
- Good paint ability during a wide period of time. Compatibility with most painting systems, and capability to be subject to heat cycles and accelerated curing.
- Low electric conductivity which inhibits corrosion between metals while permitting electric welding of the adhered metal surfaces guaranteeing the quality of sealing.
- Rapid curing and variable mechanical characteristics, based on the formulation, within very wide intervals.


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