Primers for MS Polymerô based sealants and adhesives

Primer LM

For pre-treatment of concrete, plaster and most porous surfaces in construction.
Packaging: Bottle 0,800 kg

Primer LMBV

Expressly dedicated to pre-treatment of teak seams and wood in general both for adhesion and sealing purposes (MS Deck Bonding and MS Deck Caulking).
Packaging: Bottle 0,080 and 0,800 kg

Primer WP

Adhesion promoter for MS based adhesives and sealants on metals, treated or painted surfaces and plastics.
Packaging: Bottle 50 ml and 0,700 kg

Primer G

Black primer specific for the treatment of non ceramic coated glass.
Packaging: Bottle 50 ml and 0,700 kg

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