Product line designed to protect from fire buildings, means of transportation (road, railway, marine), containers, plant engineering, in compliance with national and international standards.


Intumescent fire-stop sealant Intumescent fire retardant sealant in water dispersion, to be used internally. After application it turns into an elastoplastic, overpaintable product with excellent adhesion to many building materials. Is swells in the event of a fire creating a smoke and fire tight seal. Classified REI 180 (D.M. 30.11.83) after testing made by Istituto Giordano accordin to the Circular no. 91 (14.09.1961) of the Minister of Interior.
Applications: Intuseal is suitable for sealing joints between windows, fire resistant doors and walls, for joints between panels and partitions, for service penetrations through walls, pipes and cables ventilation ducts. Intuseal is solventless and halogen free. Easy application, the fresh product can be cleaned with water. Low shrinkage.
Packaging: Cartridge 310 cc - Sausage 600 ml
Colours: Light grey

FR 180

Fire resistant neutral silicone sealant Low modulus, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Solventless and halogen free, after curing it shows excellent adhesion onto most building materials without the use of primer. Classified REI 180 (D.M. 30.11.83) after testing made by Istituto Giordano accordin to the Circular no. 91 (14.09.1961) of the Minister of Interior. High movement accommodation, excellent resistance to weathering and ageing.
Applications: Suitable for expansion joints, joints between panels and curtainwalls, perimeter sealing of frames, for assembling fire resistant glazing surfaces, for sealing service penetration through walls and pipes, cables ventilation ducts. Ready to use easy application. No shrinkage.
Packaging: Cartridge 310 cc
Colours: Sand - White

Fill Stik Mega

Aerosol PU foam One-part polyurethane foam for gun application. Fire rated according to Euroclass B-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1. The foam cures by contact with moisture. The foam adheres onto building materials, such as wood, concrete, plaster, brick, metal, polystyrene, PVC. Cured foam can be cut less than 1 hour from application.
Applications: Fill Stik Mega in suitable both for filling and fire resistant sealing application. Fill Stick Mega is used for thermal and acoustic insulation, for filling pipes and cables holes in walls and floors, for assembling windows and floors.
Packaging: Aerosol bomb 500 ml, up to 42 litres of foam

Cordon REI

Rock-wool back-up spacer for joints Can be used as backing material for elastomeric sealants applied in joints of fire resistant walls. Round sections. Size: Diameter 20, 30, 40 mm

Z.Tex V/22

Adhesive for fire resistant bonding. Water based adhesive for fire resistant bonding of rockwool, glasswool and fabrics to concrete, plaster, metal, wood. The behaviour of this product in the presence of fire has been tested and certified according to the IMO RESOLUTION A 653/1.
Applications: Manufacture of insulated panels and ducts, for bonding fabric floorings and coverings, for insulation of bulkheads, walls and floors of marine constructions.
Packaging: Drums 22 kg
Colours: White

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