MS Deck Caulking H

Sealant based on MS Polymer for seams in teak decks One-part sealant, moisture curing, based on MS Polymer. Solvent and isocyanate free. No shrinkage and no bubble formation. Excellent adhesion to treated teak. Certified in accordance with Module-B of Dir.96/98/EC and amended as: Surface materials and floor coverings with low flame-spread characteristics. UV and salt water resistant. It can be sanded after curing.
Applications: Sealing seams in teak decks.
Packaging: Cartridge 290 ml - Sausage 600 ml
Colours: Black

MS Deck Bonding

Adhesive for deck bonding based on MS Polymer™ One-part adhesive sealant, moisture curing, based on MS Polymer™. Solvent and isocyanate free. Fast curing. Permanently elastic in a wide temperature range (-40°C/+100°C), excellent adhesion to teak, metals, GRP and painted surfaces previously treated. Ageing and salt water resistance.
Applications: For bonding teak strokes to wooden, metal and GRP decks.
Packaging: Sausage 600 ml - Drum 5 kg
Colours: Black

Z.Polys RP

Polysulphide sealant for shipbuilding Two-part polysuphide based sealant, elastic, self levelling. High hardness, compression resistance, overpaintable. Resistance to temperatures (-25°C ÷ +80°C), to water, to aliphatic hydrocarbons, to oils, to diluted alkali, to atmospheric agent and to sunlight. High ageing and water resistance. When applied on wooden materials, the cured product can be sanded.
Applications: For sealing wooden deck seams. For sealing roof joints of concrete, wood, metal and brick.
Packaging: Tins 1 kg (A+B) - 4,8 kg (A+B)
Colours: Black


Low modulus neutral silicone sealant. Alcoxy curing system High movement accomodation, good adhesion onto glass and other porous and non-porous building materials, metals, painted surfaces, plastics such as polycarbonate and acrylates. Excellent weather resistance as well as to sunlight in a wide temperature range.
Applications: Joints of precast panels, concrete structures; for sealing glazed surfaces of windows and port-holes, perimeter joints of door and windows frames made of metal, wood and PVC. For metalwork application. Specification compliance: ISO 11600 F+G 25 LM
Packaging: Cartridge 310 ml - Drum 25 kg
Colours: Grey - Limestone - Black - White - Bronze - Dark brown


Low modulus neutral silicone sealant Neutral, fast curing, low odour. High movement accomodation and good adhesion onto most of building materials, glass, metals, painted surfaces. Excellent weather resistance as well as to sunlight.
Applications: Suitable for glazing windows, skylights, port-holes, curtainwalls, for perimeter joints of door and window frames made of metal, PVC and wood. Specification compliance: ISO 11600 F+G 25 LM
Packaging: Cartridge 310 ml - Drums 20 e 200 kg
Colours: Translucent - White


Low modulus neutral silicone sealant Fast curing, elastic. High movement accomodation and good adhesion onto glass, aluminium, plastics and painted surfaces. Excellent weather and ageing resistance.
Applications: Suitable for glazing surfaces of door and window frames, skylights, curtainwalls, for perimeter joints of door and window frames made of metal, uPVC and wood, coverings. Specification compliance: ISO 11600 F+G 25 LM
Packaging: Cartridge 310 ml - Drums 20, 23 e 204 kg
Colours: Translucent - White

MS Super

MS Polymer™ based adhesive sealant Moisture curing, one component, neutral, fast curing. Permanent elasticity, high bond strength and excellent adhesion to a great variety of surfaces make MS Super suitable for high performance elastic adhesive seals and joints.
Applications: Assembling of insulated panels - vibration-proof gluing and sealing on components made of steel, aluminium, wood, GRP and other plastics materials or painted surfaces in shipbuilding.
Packaging: Cartridge 290 ml
Colours: White - Grey - Black

Z.Tex V/22

Adhesive for fire resistant bonding. Water based adhesive for fire resistant bonding of rockwool, glasswool and fabrics to concrete, plaster, metal, wood. The behaviour of this product in the presence of fire has been tested and certified according to the IMO RESOLUTION A 653/1.
Applications: Manufacture of insulated panels and ducts, for bonding fabric floorings and coverings, for insulation of bulkheads, walls and floors of marine constructions.
Packaging: Drums 22 kg
Colours: White

9300 F

Solvent based adhesive Polychloroprene contact adhesive for bonding natural or synthetic leather and fabrics.
Applications: For gluing covering materials to wood, GRP and metals.
Packaging: Drum 15 kg
Colours: Pale yellow

Z.Pur.O Tix Fast

Polyurethane adhesive for assembling One component reactive polyurethane adhesive, translucent, thixotropic. Fast setting and very high bond strength, solventless, resistant to water (class D4-EN204), to temperatures in the range -30°C/+100°C. Non slumping.
Applications: For bonding wood, concrete, bricks, plastic laminate, polyurethane and polystyrene foam, cork, mineral wood.
Packaging: Cartridge 280 ml
Colours: Light amber - Transparent

Z.Pur.O Tan

Reactive polyurethane adhesive One component polyurethane adhesive. Fast setting and high bond strength. Owing to moisture it cures and forms a transparent film. Water (class D4) and temperatures resistant -30°C/+100°C.
Applications: For bonding wood, concrete, plastic laminate, polystyrene foam to metal sheets, fibreglass, uPVC. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in ship building and in the assembling of doors, window frames, sandwich panels.
Packaging: Bottle 0,500 kg - Drum 10/20 kg
Colours: Brown

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