Fill Stik

Aerosol PU foam One component aerosol PU foam containing an environmentally safe propellant. Self expanding, moisture curing. The foam can be overpainted, cut and perforated after curing. It is resistant to temperatures ranging from -40�C to +100�C and to ageing. Mould resistant. The foam adheres to wood, concrete, plaster, brick, metal, plastics.
Applications: Acoustic and thermal insulation. For filling wall and floor holes, for fastening of wooden door frames and assembling and sealing window frames, for insulating and filling gaps and other cavities, pipes and conduits in air-conditioning, heating and electrical installations.
Packaging: Fill Stik 750 aerosol bomb 750 ml, about 42 l foam. To be used with proper spray gun. Fill Stik 750 RV aerosol bomb 750 ml, about 38 l foam. To be used upside down.

Pulitore per Fill Stik

Cleaner for application gun.
Packaging: Tinplate container with adapter ring, 500 ml.

Fill Stik Mega

Aerosol PU foam One-part polyurethane foam for gun application, excellent yield results up to 42 litres of foam. Fire rated according to Euroclass B-s1,d0 according to EN 13401-1. The foam cures by contact with moisture. The foam adheres onto building materials, such as wood, concrete, plaster, brick, metal, polystyrene, PVC. Cured foam can be cut less than 1 hour from application.
Applications: Fill Stik Mega in suitable both for filling and fire resistant sealing application. Fill Stick Mega is used for thermal and acoustic insulation, for filling pipes and cables holes in walls and floors, for assembling windows and floors.
Packaging: Aerosol bomb 500 ml, about 40 l foam.

Pasta Conduttrice SI4

Heat conductive, non-hardening seling paste. Permanently plastic in a wide range of temperature, it is particularly suitable to promote heat exchange between colls and radiant plates in refrigeration industry.
Applications: Can be used in any application requiring heat conduction between contiguous metal bodies or plates.
Packaging: Drums 9 kg
Colours: Ivory

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