Z.Pren 2000

Adhesive for plastic laminates Solvent based polychloroprene adhesive for bonding plastic laminates. High solids content, good green tack, heat resistance, high initial and final strength. Water resistant. Application by spatula.
Applications: Bonding of plastic laminates, plywood, chipboard, conk, metal, leather, fabric.
Packaging: Tins 0,4 - 0,850 - 1,7 - 3 - 4 - 15 kg
Colours: Amber

Z.Pren 2000 TIX

Solvent based polychloroprene adhesive with gel consistence Easy to apply, does’nt drop. The particular consistence allows the application by spatula on vertical surfaces too.
Applications: For bonding plastic laminates, wood, chipboard, fabrics, leather, cork, metals, plaster, bricks and other porous materials.
Packaging: Tins 1,7 - 5 kg
Colours: Clear amber

Z.Pren 6517

Heat resistant adhesive for plastic laminates Solvent based polychloroprene adhesive for plastic laminate. Easy application and high performance. High green and final strength, resistance to heat, good adhesion on wide range of materials.
Applications: For bonding plastic laminates and other rigid plastics such as PVC, ABS to wood, metals and chipboards. For assembling doors, tables, partition walls and furnishing. For sealing panels for heat-sound insulation, for cork coverings, for rigid foams. Application by spatula.
Packaging: Tins 0,850 - 3 - 4 - 16 kg
Colours: Amber

Z.Pren 552/8

Multipurpose solvent based adhesive Polychloroprene, two component adhesive for high temperature resistant bonding. High green and final strength, good adhesion to a wide range of materials.
Applications: For bonding plastic laminates to wood and metals in caravan industry, for assembling tables, tops of kitchens and bar; for bonding rubber and uPVC to metals and wood, rigid foams and mineral wools.
Packaging: Tin 1 and 5 kg
Colours: Dark amber

Extra Chiaro

Multipurpose contact adhesive Multipurpose contact adhesive, light colour, non staining, high performance. High green strength and final resistance, good resistance to heat.
Applications: For bonding wood, cardboard, fabric, leather, rigid PVC, rubber, cork, felt, polyurethane foam.
Packaging: Tube 125 g in box
Colours: Light yellow straw-coloured

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