For over 50 years F.lli Zucchini has made of technological research and application testing on industrial and professionale adhesives and sealants its competitive advantage.

The competence developed also creating custom made solutions in the various industrial sectors has allowed F.lli Zucchini to offer a vast range of products with innovative and problem solving characteristics, which is unique on the Italian production scene.

The products, belonging to the various chemical families, are developed to supply the optimal solution to specific issues of each sector of application, yet sourcing from a 360 experience on materials and application methods tested successfully in other industries as well. To this innovation and problem solving ability of F.lli Zucchini Labs it is also added a methodical and enthusiastic search for performance improvement, user safety and respect for the environment.

From this is derived an always evolving range of adhesives and sealants in which all industrial sectors, from transportation to construction, from footwear to electrical goods, find answers to most demanding issues in bonding and sealing.

Adding on it the production ability of its manufacturing plants, F.lli Zucchini offers an extremely wide range of products with high performances at very competitive prices which a producer only could offer. F.lli Zucchini makes its products available through its network of direct agents and selected distributors, always supported by a large team of chemical engineers possessing many years of field and application experience.
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