Fratelli Zucchini
from over 50 years we solve adhesion
and sealing problems

F.lli Zucchini is a chemical company founded in 1930. Started as a paint
manufacturer, at the end an the 50'es it has extended its activity to the production
of adhesives and sealants for industrial and professional use.

The new products, dedicated to several industrial sectors, are presently mostly
used in the shoe industry, construction, windows and glazing production, plant
engineering, furniture and electrical goods manufacturing, and means transportation
assembly and maintenance.

Thanks to its constant research effort, wide experience, close cooperation with
the most innovative international groups, passion and attention always dedicated
to solving customer needs and anticipating market changes, F.lli Zucchini represents
today one of the most qualified Italian companies in the chemical scene.

The company policy, which also finds its details in a Quality System
programmatic document, certified under ISO 9001/2008 norms,
has always been orientated toward
  • PRODUCT, guaranteed by reliability and process control,
  • SERVICE, supported by unique experience of the technical
    department, and