Product range for installations, air conditioning, transport, caravan industry, vans, automotive, metal carpentry, refrigeration.

R 900 Bis

Polychloroprene solvent based adhesive characterised by fast setting and high green strength, suitable for cold bonding of PU and rigid phenolic foams.
Applications: For butt joints between rigid panels of ductwork in leating systems and air conditioning.
Packaging: Tins 5/15 kg
Colours: Clear amber

R 800

Solvent baseb polychloroprene adhesive for rubber. Two component, long open time, good tack and geen strength, for brush application.
Applications: For bonding SBR, neoprene, natural, microcellular rubber and rubber fabrics to leather, fabrics, wood, metals.
Packaging: Tins 15 kg
Colours: Clear amber

Z.Tex 9631

Two-part water based polyurethane sprayable adhesive. Suitable for bonding plastics, rubber, leather, wood, painted surfaces. After drying the film must be reactivated by heat before assembling.
Applications: For bonding plasticized PVC, rigid PU, leather, fabrics, wood, treated or painted metals in the production of accessories for automotive industry.
Packaging: Can 10 kg
Colours: White

Z.Tex 4754

Two-part water based polychloroprene sprayable adhesive. Specific for bonding soft PU foams onto themselves, felt, fabrics, wadding, wood, rigid foams, treated or painted metals. Fast setting, high temperature resistant, high yield.
Applications: Production of paddings furnishing, automotive industry, thermal insulation of airducts.
Packaging: Can 10 kg
Colours: White

MS Flexibond

Fast curing adhesive-sealant based on MS Polymer™. Elastic With high cohesion and excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, MS Flexibond is suitable for high performance joints and elastic sealing. High gap filling properties, suitable for joining surfaces where strength and elasticity are required.
Applications: Assembling panels, bonding profiles and overlaps between metal sheets or metals and other surfaces in sub-zero industry, furnishing, means of transport. Bonding metal profiles onto glass, plastics and metal panels.
Packaging: Cartridge 290 ml - Sausage 600 ml
Colours: Grey

MS Clear

Moisture curing, solvent free adhesive based on MS Polymer™ transparent, elastic. High cohesion, excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, MS Clear is suitable for high performance elastic bonding and sealing.
Applications: Bonding of glass, plastics (excluding PE, PP, PTFE), marbles, ceramics, metals and painted metals, wood. Bonding of metal to glass in the furniture industry. Bonding and repairing of flexible materials, rubber, leather, PVC, etc… General-purpose safe and non hazardous adhesive for D.I.Y.
Packaging: Cartridge 290 ml
Colours: Translucent

GP 36

Solvent based assembling adhesive Solvent based polychloroprene adhesive, pasty, non-slumping, gap-filling, suitable for bonding stiffly irregular substrates. High cohesion and fast setting for a rapid assembling without use of nail or screw. It can be applied one-way. High resistance to water, gap-filling, temperature resistance between -30°C and +70°C.
Applications: Multipurpose adhesive for bonding wood, plastic laminate, metals, plastics, polyurethane foam and porous materials, is particularly suitable for fixing profiles, insulated panels, stiffening ribs.
Packaging: Cartridge 310 ml - Tube 125 g - Drum 18 kg

Z.Pren 584/N

Solvent based adhesive for bonding polystyrene foam to many different porous and non porous materials such as wood, metals, plaster, plastic laminate, uPVC, painted surfaces. Brush application. Avaiable 584/NS version for spray application. The adhesive does not dissolve the foam.
Applications: For bonding polystyrene foam to plastic laminate, metal sheets in the manufacture of sandwich panels, partition walls, insulated doors, cold stores.
Packaging: Tins 0,85/4,5 kg
Colours: Yellow

Z.Pren 505/N

Nitrile rubber based contact adhesive for bonding plasticized PVC to metals. Resistant to plasticizers of PVC.
Applications: For bonding semi-rigid PVC coatings in the plating of iron tanks.
Packaging: Tin 5 kg
Colours: Yellow

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